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Organisational Resilience

"How healthy is your organisation? Does it regularly monitor its own progress to build on strengths and address weaknesses? What are its vital functions and is it resilient enough to not only bounce back but bounce forward after a major disruption?

The Organisational Resilience HealthCheck is a free appraisal tool which can be applied across various areas of any FE or training organisation. From risk managers to human resource officers, from team leaders to senior executives, the HealthCheck can help teams develop a shared understanding of their organisation's progress towards resilience and identify possible treatment actions and inhibitors.

The HealthCheck encourages organisations to rate themselves according to a set of low and high level descriptors for 13 resilience indicators. These indicators are grouped under three overarching resilience attributes:"

The accompanying case study examines how this process has been applied to Brighton, Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC).

Organisational Resilience toolkit

Organisational resilience at BHASVIC