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Diversity in Strategic Decision Making


The following clips were developed as part of the ETF regional governance project. The participants discuss diversity in strategic decision making. These are intended as thought pieces, in which serving board members share their thoughts to help stimulate further discussions.

Diversity in Strategic Decision Making - why this topic?

Nudge Theory: Small things that nudge people in the right direction. Watch David Halpern who explains it beautifully

Unconscious Bias

Example of Unconscious Bias

Emma Webber on the diversity of board members and getting diversity of thinking in strategic development.

Emma Webber on unconscious bias and how the Police force are tackling it.

Emma Webber on the importance of diversity on boards in the police force

Hilary Duckett on board inclusivity.

Hilary Duckett on unconscious bias.

David Chalmers on Diversity in rural communities

David Chalmers on positive actions by boards